Natural Wedding Reception Ideas

Monday, February 25th 2013. | Wedding Themes

Wedding Reception Decor Natural Wedding Reception Ideas

You hope to have a wedding reception filled with natural beauty. You want to embrace the outdoors and have an experience that will be light and enjoyable. How can you make it happen? Choose the right venue for your evening and ensure that every detail is thought about and planned for in advance. You want to ensure that the location you select fully understands what your goals are for this special day and takes the steps necessary to make it happen. Consider the details carefully.

The Right Location

The first step is to select the best location for your wedding reception. In some areas, being outdoors is an outstanding option. You can easily select to have the event take place outdoors in a large park or outdoor venue. You may want to choose a formal facility, though, with the ability to accommodate your specific needs. Look for a location that offers outdoor ceremonies and receptions if you want to keep it all at one location.

Consider the Food

The food at your event should offer the same character and theme as the rest of it. For example, it can be beneficial to serve a light menu filled with organic cuisine. You may wish to select a menu that offers numerous vegetarian dishes, too. Add to that a lot of color. Choose a menu that offers beautiful foods from the local markets, too. Work with the facility to pick a menu that provides the natural essence you are looking forward to enjoying.

Make the Décor Count

No matter where you end up hosting it; be sure that the décor for your event is natural. Use ivy and vines to create a canopy for your “I do’s”. You can also add plenty of flowers and natural plants throughout the space. If you plan your event when the trees are in bloom, this could add even more layers of beauty to your event.

Continue the Theme

Ensure your natural theme goes beyond just the reception’s location. Ensure it extends on your dressing, perhaps with floral details on the body. Consider the invitations and your shower. Ensure these carry through the theme as well. Natural does not just mean flowers, though. It should incorporate a sense of nature and organic design.

When creating an event like this, pay attention to your providers. Do they have a passion for eco-friendly products and services? What options can they offer to you? Discuss in detail what the provider can offer to add to your natural, earth friendly wedding reception to make it that much more enjoyable. Then, go for it. Be sure to let everyone know what your theme is and encourage them to offer ideas and opinions, too.