Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

Monday, September 9th 2013. | Wedding Decoration Tips

Every one of us be aware that a wedding ceremony is concerning the groom and of course the bride. However what how concerning the reception ? the reception is about possessing a party for all those of your respective guests. It represents happy memories of your respective wedding. And it also can be the time out to venture specifically for your own personal guests out to show them how thankful you can for being with him or her from the terribly special day.

Starting with the food, to the entertaining of guests, and the traditional garter and bouquet tossing of the bride, you have got to make sure that everything goes perfect and memorable. After all, events like this only come once in a lifetime. So, you have to make sure that everything is well organized. Here are some things to make your reception a little unique, slightly different but utterly special than the rest.
ghm3v Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable
Venue of Reception

One of the basics is hosting a reception in a private place. So, to make yours unique and memorable, why not hold it some place where you can party hard after a long and traditional wedding ceremony. Nothing can be more interesting than holding it at a nightclub. Nightclubs are incredible for sure, as if making your guests feel like VIPs. Also, it lets your guests enjoy the night after all the formal happenings are finally over.


Obviously, food plays an important part in any occasion. The important thing to remember is to take no risks. For the main course, cook beef, fish and chicken. You can also serve something unique like sushi or venison. Think outside of the box. Remember that your wedding is just one of the events that your guests are probably attending. So, make sure that your reception will be more special and memorable than the usual.



This is a thing that needs to be special for your guests. You have to let them feel how truly you appreciate their presence in your very special day. One way is by giving customized gifts for your guests, representing how special your relationship with them is. This may not be possible for all of your guests, but it is a perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. And with that, they would most likely play an important part in your married life.


Speeches are known as the most memorable event in a wedding reception. It doesn’t matter if your speech contains only a few words. Emotionally said or not, speeches completes the night. To avoid embarrassment, brides and grooms choose not to have many speeches. However, a speech signals the end of the formal happenings and it is also the start of drinking, partying and just having fun. With these changes, it would be more memorable. Well thought of speeches would make a great start for the night.

Getting Home

Don’t let your guests have a terrible night by struggling in finding a taxi or having trouble getting their way home. Always make sure that the venue you choose have facilities in getting a taxi. This would be the ending of your great evening, so you must make sure that you and your guests will never forget it. Well, of course, in a good way. To make your party memorable make sure to find a reliable party hire company Sydney.  You can also hire a marquee Sydney to add more flavor and style into your party. Click on the links below to know more.