Low Cost Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Saturday, October 6th 2012. | Wedding Table

jum low vase  Low Cost Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas


With many other expenses to consider, couples often look for wedding centerpiece ideas that will impress guests without costing a fortune.


Every bride wants her wedding day to be memorable and beautiful. From the wedding gown, to the music, to the decorations and centerpieces, the goal is to create an enchanting atmosphere that would rival even the most romantic fairytale.



Young ladies spend years imagining the perfect day; but, the whimsical wedding dreams of little girls are often challenged by the reality of expensive gowns, outrageous rental fees, and fresh bouquets with jaw-dropping price tags. Yet, unwilling to give up their dream, many brides are searching for a way to plan an inexpensive wedding without sacrificing elegance or charm.


Though one of the smaller wedding details, table centerpieces can complete a room, add a personal flair, or create a desired ambiance that will definitely complement your special day. Unfortunately, these amazing little creations can often be expensive, especially if you use a professional florist or designer. But there is good news! With a little bit of research and creativity, you can come up with stunning wedding centerpiece ideas that look extravagant but fit comfortably within a reasonable budget. By incorporating money saving ideas and adding your own personal touch, you can create table decorations that reflect your personality and style, complement your theme, and amaze your guests.


Candle Centerpieces:


Candles are always a beautiful choice for a wedding centerpiece since they are elegant, romantic, and extremely versatile. Whether it is pillar candles on a mirror tile that is scattered with confetti or petals, floating votives in bowls of colored water and decorative stones, elegant champagne glasses with dainty tealights, or stylish lanterns creating a muted glow, candles will add to the atmosphere while still protecting your pocketbook.




There are so many sizes and shapes of inexpensive vases, containers, and bowls available at local department, discount and thrift stores. Simply choose the ones you like and fill them with candy, fruit, flowers, or seasonal decorations such as Christmas ornaments, greenery, colored water, or berries. Fill tall vases with painted branches, cattails, or reeds. Ask a florist which flowers are in season, as they are usually the least costly, or ask permission to pick fresh roses or lilacs from a friend or neighbor’s garden.




Make a statement by creating magnificent balloon centerpieces that will look stunning without shocking your budget. Whether it is heart shaped balloons, sparkling balloons, clear balloons filled with decorations, or flowers fashioned from mini-balloons, the ideas are endless and the results will be beautiful. And with step-by-step instructions available, you can create them yourself or make it a fun event by enlisting the help of family and friends.




Pictures of the wedding couple are great table decorations and make interesting conversation pieces for guests. Inexpensive photo cubes filled with flowers, or framed photographs and excerpts of romantic poetry will allow guests to share in the couple’s childhood memories and experience their love story.

jum low tenan  Low Cost Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Beautiful centerpieces can be made by using inexpensive, or even free, items such as pine cones, fall vegetables, leaves, berries, fruit, wildflowers, mason jars, pottery, seashells,or tin pails. To accomplish two tasks with one expense, use your favors as centerpieces, or instead of having one large cake, place a fancy cupcake arrangement on each table.


Cheap wedding centerpiece ideas can come from just about anywhere, and by using a little creativity you can make your decorations both beautiful and unique too.