Lighting of the Unity Candle on Wedding Ceremony

Tuesday, February 11th 2014. | Planning Wedding Decoration

The lighting of the unity candle on wedding ceremony is one of the most important traditions of most Christian weddings. In Toronto, there are elaborate plans that are formulated and exercised, as the bride and groom plan for their big day. The significance of this simple procedure is so huge that all parties go out of their way to make it a highlight of the whole occasion. Important issues surrounding this candle lighting session revolve when it is done how it is done and the preparations made for it as the nuptial day beckons.

unity candle  Lighting of the Unity Candle on Wedding Ceremony

Preparations for the Lighting of the Unity Candle on Wedding Ceremony
Lighting on your unity candle on wedding ceremony as a part of tradition, a reliable variety of nuptials in toronto regardless on your religious affiliation are planned many months or possibly years before they actually take place. Since all aspects are fastidiously thought of, the candle lighting bit is hardly ignored due to firmly its symbolic price. Preparations to get this event embrace the ultimate decision on your nature, size and color on your windows. though white is sometimes preferred ready for its association with purity and peace, the bride and groom are normally at liberty to firmly select a color that fits in in the day’s and ceremony’s theme. Another crucial bit happens to be the a sort of candle stand to firmly be applied within the method. The planning and color of that stand ought to conjointly be fastidiously chosen to firmly complement different aspects on your marriage ceremony. Finally the order on your stand holding the candle really should be done because we are part of a manner that lends the procedure the a sort of prominence to the point it deserves.

When to Light the Unity Candle
The perfect timing of lighting the unity candle on wedding ceremony is usually uniform in Toronto. Most ministers officiating at the function will insist on having this exercise just after the bride and the groom have exchanged their vows. It is felt that during this period is when the unity is likely to have the most impact. As this is a universal wedding practice not just in Toronto but in many Christian marriage ceremonies across the world, following of the preferred procedure is normally vital with the timing expected to be followed as well.

The Procedure of Lighting of the Unity Candle on Wedding Ceremony
In Toronto weddings, the minister will ask both the bride and groom, to move next to the candle stand. If the couple’s desire is to have a unity candle talk before the lighting then he or she will give a brief explanation on the origin and significance of the lighting of the unity candle on wedding ceremony the this is usually given before the actual lighting. The celebrant is expected to explain that the two small candles symbolize the individual lives of the groom and the bride. The big candle on the other hand represents the married life that the couple will be starting as they take their vows. By putting off their two candles the tow are saying goodbye to their separate lives and by lighting the big candle are embarking on a common journey.