Beautiful Floral Decorations of the Church Wedding Ideas

Friday, October 12th 2012. | Wedding Church

rabu greja1 Beautiful Floral Decorations of the Church Wedding Ideas


Flowers are one of the central aspects of the wedding. The bouquet, the centerpieces, decorations of the church. The truth is that the colors of the flowers you choose, the variety and how willing will create certain atmospheres and intimate and festive atmosphere that our wedding wants to convey.


There are brides who do not pay attention to this detail, preferring to worry about the guests or music, but we must remember that wedding flowers are the perfect setting that gives the event the romance, palace, modern, Renaissance, Baroque, a magic word.Most of us do not know much about flowers and want something special that if we leave everything in the hands of experts because they know how to work with them, their scents and colors to transform our day and a night of dreams. For example, I found an Italian company called Floral, which specializes in all kinds of arrangements for weddings, from flowers to environments, through to find the perfect place to party until the lighting, all elements that can give you a special life ceremonies and receptions, as the atmosphere they create are great. Floral is concerned with the personality of each event and try to do so only knows how to combine the flowers with the best service in the world table: chandeliers, beautiful tablecloths, silverware, candles and beautiful glasses.


The company in charge of Simona Giordano has 5 hours of premises to work: style, imagination, creativity, attention to detail and absolute commitment. It’s about understanding the personality of the couple and their dreams again so is responsible for organizing the where and how of celebration with the best flowers of Tuscany. Well, although it is an Italian company, I think his style can lead us to find our own, so I hope that the photos that accompany the post speak for themselves.rabu greja2 Beautiful Floral Decorations of the Church Wedding Ideas


On this subject, the ideas are endless. Here are some that the church can be decorated according to your taste and the type of celebration that wish to have.You can decorate decant are of pews on each side of the aisle, through small bouquets or floral arrangements that can crimp the end of the bench, and chairs on the side of the nave. Certainly, if you decadents for this, the entrance of the bride on the arm of her father will be a success.Typically, these clusters can be fixed with a white ribbon that matches the color of the flowers, or with a small wire very discreet, not seen. Another idea to unify the whole of the decoration of both the church and of the complements of the groom, the bride and groomsmen is the choice of the same types of flowers to the centers of the church, the bride’s bouquet, and Hair flowers godmother and godfather eyelet and groom.Ivy causes a special effect in the decoration of the church. You can put in the banks that will hold the assembly, and on the walls and the foundations of the pillars of the columns. All this without falling into the error of excessive recharge.


The altar should be decorated well, especially if we consider the liturgical season in which we celebrate the wedding. Not the same decoration of the altar at the time of Easter and during Advent.The altar has to be beautiful, decorated simply decorated, but not overloaded, preventing the core of the celebration can be viewed or lost by scattering decorative role.The ideal is to have a simple floral decoration, height rather low, never exceeding the size of the chalice the priest and do not cover at any time what is exposed above the altar.Another thing is the decor at the foot of the altar.


In this case, both stand in front of the readings, and before the altar, it allows a greater height of the bouquet or flower arrangement, but always in keeping with the liturgical colors. It would be a blunder on your part that the priest used the purple cassock, being in Lent, and that you appraiser white bouquets.Not to be mistaken in this, it is best that before you think of the floral decorations and bouquets to order a florist, I do them according to the priest or liturgy team, that you provide all this information.